To gain a better understanding of how Swedish manufacturers will secure the supply of intermediate goods for production in 乐博彩票官方app in the coming years, Business 乐博彩票官方app has mapped the overseas supply networks of more than 300 companies.

The survey confirms that Swedish companies are shifting their focus to 欧洲 from Asia and 中国 to safeguard components for manufacturing, with results also showing that this development will become more pronounced in the next three years.  

亚洲的自动化和工资上涨, 运输成本增加, climate impacts from long-distance deliveries and the prevailing geopolitical uncertainty are the driving factors. 总共, this means that the trend towards near-market manufacturing is entering a new intensified phase.

Sub-suppliers in Central and Eastern 欧洲 are set to become the first choice as Swedish manufacturers reorganise their supply networks, 西欧紧随其后,位居第二.



Business 乐博彩票官方app gave the analyst firm Origo Group the task of mapping the geography of Swedish manufacturer’s global supply chains for production in 乐博彩票官方app, and to explore how the distribution of purchasing of inputs from different countries and regions is changing over time.  

The survey was carried out via telephone interviews with purchasing managers or equivalent representatives at the participating companies between 16 May and 16 June, 2022. The respondents answered a list of 9 multiple choice questions formulated by Business 乐博彩票官方app. 共有302家公司参与了此次调查.



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