亚太地区(APAC)家居乐博彩票官方app的零售价值达到173美元.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to over USD 266 billion by 2025, according to 欧睿国际. 最大的子类别, 室内家具, 价值将超过1020亿美元, 占整个乐博彩票官方app的58%以上. 整个亚太乐博彩票官方app仍然非常分散, 拥有乐博彩票官方app占有率前三名的厂商, 宜得利, 宜家和昕诺飞, 它们的持股比例均低于6%. But an increase in demand in APAC is expected with a growing middle class and many young adults establishing their first homes.

Business 乐博彩票官方app have identified five key market and design trends in APAC that Swedish companies should consider:

  • 电子商务正在兴起,但实体店仍然很重要
  • 多功能和简约的解决方案
  • 可持续材料和健康家园
  • 斯堪的纳维亚的设计在上升
  • 重新开放办公空间和新的工作方式

As the pandemic required people to minimise face-to-face interactions and in-person shopping, eCommerce played an increasingly significant role and share in sales and distribution models within the APAC home furnishing market. 预计这种情况将在大流行后继续下去, 尽管公司需要针对每个国家采取不同的策略. 实体店, 并且将会是, embraced as the first point of contact where customers experience products and get the “look and feel”, 而电子商务是可以找到有竞争力的价格的地方. This dual offering means there is a greater need for differentiation in customer services.


对于亚太地区城市的许多城市居民来说, 搬大一点的房子是不可能的, so they need to have smart and functional home interiors so their homes can meet the demands of multi-purpose use. 多功能家具, 比如折叠桌, 多用表, 现代沙发床, 室外家具具有室内家具的功能性, 有几个例子. Multi-functional and transformer furniture is forecast to increase in sales in the coming years, and there is an opportunity for brands to ride this wave is if they can change the stereotypical and outdated view that transformer furniture is not durable and convenient.


可持续性是大流行后的全球趋势, 健康家居和可持续材料将成为亚太地区消费者的关键. 这一趋势表明,人们将对绿色环保产品产生更大的兴趣, with consumers showing signs of becoming more conscious about the 可持续性 of products rather than just prices. Across APAC, there has also been an increase in awareness about sanitation, cleanliness, and hygiene. This will increase the demand for anti-bacterial or low or no VOC (Volatile organic compounds) emissions materials. 例如, 与乙烯基地板相比,消费者更喜欢硬木地板, 窗帘用棉织物覆盖涤纶, 甚至还有具有空气净化能力的植物.


亚太地区的消费者总体上非常欣赏北欧的家具和风格. 宜家是该地区知名的家居装饰品牌之一, 提供乐博彩票官方app设计和材料. Scandinavian style is often associated with minimalism and this is aligned with many traditional APAC styles and preferences. 日本di, a design trend with a mix of 日本ese and Scandinavian style is one example of how local adaption has taken roots. 欧洲和北欧的“Cottage Core”也很受欢迎, 在城市环境中融入乡村风情. 除了, 也出现了一些小型的北欧设计商店, 提供以舒适艺术为灵感的家具和装饰品.


The pandemic naturally saw a rise in home office furniture purchases in APAC but this is now slowing down and there is expected to be an ongoing drop in demand over the coming years as Asia opens up and establishes ’a new normal’. Asia is expected to follow a different path to 欧洲 with a return to full-time office-based work predicted to be the norm. 随着重新回到办公室的复兴, there will be new demands for office furniture and office spaces to suit a post-pandemic workplace. Privacy furniture and possibilities to keep up with the “digi-physical” way of working will be necessary. 新冠疫情后的办公室需要保持注意力的平衡, 协作, and well-being focus as well as sanitation measures to reclaim itself as an essential place for employees, 客户, 与游客安全连接.

  1. 选择你的伴侣,不要被选择; 大流行表明,寻找一个好的伙伴越来越重要. 过去的一年, local APAC players have teamed up with foreign companies to innovate and create both new products and services. Business 乐博彩票官方app can help identify and connect with suitable local partners and support your endeavour with local market knowledge and networks.  
  2. 了解亚太地区独特的销售和分销模式; 电子商务已经成为并将继续成为亚太地区重要的销售渠道, 实体店在吸引顾客方面仍然发挥着关键作用. Business 乐博彩票官方app can help you identify the best models and establish local offices with our BI&O服务.
  3. 了解销售和进口法规: 法规和建议,如安全标志,在亚太地区各国各不相同. Business 乐博彩票官方app can deep-dive into specific market conditions to ensure Swedish companies know and can meet the local regulations. 我们的出口专业人员, 在乐博彩票官方app和我们在亚洲的当地办事处, 有深入的知识,可以帮助乐博彩票官方app公司调整他们的战略.

开始您的亚太之旅或扩大您在该地区的业务, 我们在该地区的团队可以提供帮助——乐博彩票官方app的团队进行乐博彩票官方app分析, 当地合作伙伴建立建议, 和BI&O服务.